Our Property

Our property is full of relaxing moments as well as fun activities! Exploring our property, you'll find a large natural pond, beautiful scenery, seating areas and more. You may even encounter some unexpected, friendly faces. 

In addition to the 18-acre countryside, we have several amenities available at our inn to help you unwind and enjoy your stay with us. Visit our Breakfast and Rooms & Rates pages to learn more about what's included in your stay. Although we no longer have the swimming pool, you can still sit in the gazebo or stroll around the pond.

Friendly Neighbors
You may encounter some cute faces during your stay.
Natural Pond
Relax by the large pond on our property.
Rustic Barn
Large, rustic barn makes for a great photo backdrop.
Beautiful Scenery
Explore our 18-acre countryside.
Larry the Cat
Meet Larry — the friendly, furry groundskeeper.
Guest House Gazebo
Take in the view from the Guest House gazebo.
Cozy Swing
Enjoy quiet time swinging in the countryside.
Guest House Snacks
Grab-and-go snacks available in the Guest House.
Main House Snacks
Treat yourself to light refreshments in the Main House.
Coffee Bar
Large, self-serve coffee bar in the Guest House.
Dining Room
Guest House dining room — where breakfast is served.
Lounge Area
Play a game or watch a movie in the cozy lounge area.
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Lounge Area

Play a game or watch a movie in the cozy lounge area.